• Is Your Fleet Modern?

      We only have the latest model vehicles in our fleet. All European cars. Mercedes,  BMW, Audi & Jaguar

  • How do we find the driver after our flight arrival?

       Our drivers will meet their passengers at the exit from the customs hall inside the airport terminal.                   Drivers will hold a sign board with the passenger name written on it and will wait next to the                             information desk. The airport can be very crowded at times, therefore if you cannot see your driver please         call us on 0452 627 296. from any telephone box at the airport and we will locate your driver for you.

  • What happens if the flight is delayed?

       All flight arrival times are checked with the airline, should you arrive early or late (no matter how late!)           The driver will wait for you.

  • Do you track inbound flights?

       We track flights and their arrival times. Early or late we will be aware. Our drivers generally will stay in           a terminal for up to 2 hours after touchdown. We build in a generous waiting time and parking costs to             our airport and port pickup rates. Our driver will leave if we do not hear from you after 2 hours, we will             then charge for the transfer based on a no show. Understandably should you call for our driver to return           after this time it will be treated as a new journey. Private aviation rates may vary based on advised                   arrival time.

  • How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs?

       The driver will wait for 60 minutes before making enquiries with the airline, customs or immigration               and will make a 3 paging calls, only after all of these steps and if there is no sign of the passenger will               they leave the airport. If you are delayed in customs or the baggage area for more than one hour after               arrival, please call our office to ensure your driver will wait, if for some reasons you cannot get in touch           please call us when you are out and we will send another car for you .

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

       We accept American Express, visa Card, Master Card, Cab charge and Cash.

  • Do you charge any credit card fees?

       Yes, 4% clients credit card fees applies to all credit/debit cards.